Redbox had a promotion this week.

Why does this matter? Stick with me, I’m going somewhere.

It’s been a while since I’ve rented a movie from Redbox so I decided to take advantage of the 15cent B-Day Bash rental special.

My movie of choice:

I chose this movie because it was one of the few I had not seen and because I wanted to view something cute and lighthearted.

LEAP is the story of an orphan girl with dreams of becoming a world famous ballerina. She believed with all her heart that she was meant to dance. Her best friend and fellow orphan, Victor, believed he was meant to be an inventor. All you need is a LEAP of Faith!

Sounds simple enough….cute-ish with a predictable ending, right?

So why did this movie have me crying like a baby?

This orphan little girl and her wacky but gifted inventor best friend managed to comically escape from their orphanage and set course for Paris. In Paris is where they believe their dreams can and will come true.

I hope to visit one day myself but let me continue…..

Unfortunately, once in Paris, she finds herself alone and in need of a place to stay and food. She happens upon a young woman, that walks with a cane, that is resistant but agrees to help her. The young woman invites the little girl into her place of employment/residence as a maid for a wealthy woman and her daughter.

The wealthy woman’s daughter is about the same age as the little orphan girl. She has been training since she was a toddler to be a prima ballerina. She tells the little girl that she is waiting for her special invite into one of the most prestigious dance schools in Paris. Needless to say, she’s not very friendly or kind to the little girl.

That invite arrives. The little orphan girl receives the invite but instead of taking it to the daughter of the wealthy woman, she decides to pretend to be the daughter in order to gain entry into the school.

You see where I’m going with this?!?!?

Biblical reference: 2 Samuel 12: 1-13

Fast forward….the little girl gets CAUGHT. After weeks of practicing at the school, it is revealed that she is not who she claimed to be.

She stole the invite.

She lied about who she was.

During this discovery of her deception is where the water works began. I couldn’t understand why but I guess I was rooting for her, even if she was wrong? or was something else going on? overly emotional perhaps?

In the biblical reference Nathan, a prophet of God, was sent to King David. At this point, David had:

-decided to interject himself into the life that was meant for someone else….

-stole a wife and a life

-lied to himself and others

“And Nathan said to David: thou art the man”

I couldn’t understand why this made me cry. It’s was just a movie.

But in my spirit, God asks…

How many people try to take short cuts to their destiny by pretending to be someone or something they’re not meant to be?

How many people steal ideas, visions or plans that belong to someone else and take them as their own and try to make it work?

How many people lie about who they really are and what’s really in their heart in hopes of getting ahead?

Is God revealing today, that you’ve been caught?

Have I been “caught”?

Who’s life am I pretending to live instead of my own?

Have you been caught?

Have you been caught living with or dating someone that you’re not married to? In your heart, you know the relationship is not meant for you but you keep trying to make it work anyway?

Have you been caught trying to live out someone else’s destiny instead of your own?

The little orphan girl got caught…

King David got caught…

But does the story end there? Of course not.

Fortunately, the little girl had favor and was given a chance at redemption. Unfortunately, she didn’t prepare properly and was sent back to the orphanage.

We, as believers, have favor with God, even after we’ve been “caught”. We are still given a chance at redemption but if we don’t prepare, repent or make changes, we may find ourselves returning to a place of bondage.

God was not happy with King David, there were consequences for his actions but there was also grace and mercy. Psalms 51: 1-4

You would think from the title of the movie that there was a lesson in taking the leap of faith, believing in your dreams, etc. At least that’s what I thought, but my tears triggered a totally different and completely unexpected reaction.

God’s message can be revealed at any moment in the most unusual way.

In the Psalms, after King David realized he’d been “caught”, he acknowledged….

Against thee, thee only have I sinned and done this evil in thy sight”

And like David, the little girl finds her way and forgiveness but not without challenge.

You too can find your way…..

Now, if you wanna know how the movie ends, I guess you’ll just have to watch.

Blessings to you!


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